Danica Singleton

Danica Singleton
5’9″ Split Blocker
30″ Vertical
9’8″ Attack Jump

Phone: (480) 427-6063
Email: dhsingle@icloud.com

Coach Kristen Rohr
Phone: (941) 408-5498
Email: Kristen.Rohr@gcu.edu

My goal is to be a college student-athlete. I am currently attending Highland High School, where I have a cumulative GPA of 4.1 and play in the 1’s spot for the Varsity Hawks (mascot.) I recently earned bids to the AVP Nationals and p1440 Nationals and I will be attending Hermosa CA July 5-7.

My strengths are my athleticism and power. I continue to learn from every game/match, win or lose. Coaches tell me I move to the ball well and play have a good net presence, so I can split block. I am working on my hand setting and pulling with Coach Kristen.

I would love to find out more about YOUR college. I am looking to major in Business. Please contact me, I am uncommitted.

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Danica (blue tank, far right, receiving)
Kill Hard Cross

Danica (blue tank serving)
Block Kill