Kylie Waits

Kylie Waits 2026

Kylie Waits
5’7″ Split Blocker

Phone: 480-869-1533

Director: Allen Alexander
Phone: 480-560-5090

High School Coach: Rick Schapler
Phone: 480-215-7526

Strength Coach: Geordie Hackett
Phone: 480-540-6606

My goal is to be a college student-athlete. I am currently attending Desert Vista High School, where I have an unweighted GPA of 3.5 and a cumulative GPA of 4.4 and play for the Varsity Thunder. I recently started beach volleyball and will be attending the p1440 and AVP Nationals

May 6th BOMB Series
May 13th Arizona Championships
May 20th AVP
June 3rd BOMB Series
June 10th Virtual Showcase
June 17th AVP/p1440 16/18U
June 27-29 p1440 National Championship
July 5-8 AVP National Championship

My strengths are at the net, applying pressure and disguising when I pull on defense. I continue to learn from every game/match, win or lose. Coaches tell me that I transition well off the net and set my partner well. I am working on my hand setting and serving more aggressively with my coaches. I am excited to travel out-of-state, so please contact me for an unofficial visit to your university.

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Kylie (pink tank)
Ace Middle to Line

Kylie (pink tank)
Kill Deep Seam

Kylie (pink tank)
Ace Middle Seam

Kylie (pink tank)
Kill Deep Line