Parents, we have the road map for your daughter’s success this Summer.

8 practice days with strength and conditioning*

registered domain name and recruiting website
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4 different colored jerseys with domain name

and coaching in California July 4-9

*The Sand Club has hired Geordie Hackett to lead first 30 minutes of practice, followed by 90 minutes of beach volleyball training. Geordie, licensed athletic trainer, will also evaluate player’s shoulders, knees and ankles and treat with techniques like cupping, dry needling, sports taping and/or assign corrective exercises. Heather Alley will be the lead coach Monday & Wednesday 4:30-6P in May. In June, Heather will coach Monday & Wednesday 6:30-8A and 7:30-9P. All at Mesquite Beach. Also, Heather will be the lead coach in California July 4-9. Our package includes 8 practice days but additional practices can be added for $30/day.

We do not guarantee coaching during every match in California; however, we will email the parents the night before with a schedule depending on how many teams are attending and we will talk identify what pre/post game coaching looks like.

one-hour yoga session, followed by two-hour practice, followed by two-hour beach time, followed by one-hour lunch (provided by the parents), followed by another two-hour practice. Then, players will have free time to freshen up, get dinner with their parents and meet up for Independence Day fireworks as a team.

Feel free to contact or 480-560-5090 if you have any questions or concerns.

There are no refunds for missed practice (even if sick or injured).

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